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March Math Madness- Waiting In Line Part 1

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Waiting In Line, Part 1

FACT:  Sometimes you must run errunds with the kiddos in tow.
FACT:  You will have to wait in line- post office, bank, grocery store, etc.
FACT:  This is sometimes, if not always, an easy task.

How can you keep your children entertained while engaging them, all the while preventing utter disaster?

Play "I SPY"
One person picks an colored object within visible sight.  Then says, "I spy with my little eye something (color).  The kids say objects that are (color).  Kids continue guessing objects until they guess the correct object.

"The Sign Game"
If there is a sign, poster, or billboard that the kids can see while waiting in line, ask the child to point to the letter (name a letter).  If there are objects in the poster, talk to your child about what objects you see.  Talk about size of objects and compare size (bigger, taller, wider, etc).  For example, the post office may have a sign with all the size of packages.  You can talk to younger children about their shape (square or rectangle).  You can ask an older child to point to the largest package on the sign.  The smallest.  The widest.  For an even older child, you can make a scenario.  "You need to mail a pair of your shoes.  What size box would we need?"  If there are prices on the sign, ask questions that the child would have to figure out.  For example, what would it cost to mail the  XYZ box. 

And you can have
FUN waiting in line! 

More Math Madness to come...

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