Saturday, February 19, 2011

President's Day Mini-Math Lesson

President's Day

President's Day may just be a day off for schools and banks.  But it is a wonderful time to teach our kids a little bit about history and even some MATH!

HISTORY:  Talk to your kids about the job of a president of our country.  There have been 44 presidents since 1789.  Tell them about President Obama.  Describe the job of the president. You can find more info here.

Mini-Math Lesson:
Get out your change purse.  Show the children each coin.  Have them look at it closely and tell you what they see.  Point out the pictures, read the words and the date.  Lastly, tell them how much money each coin is worth. 

  • Cent/Penny -- Abraham Lincoln
  • Nickel -- Thomas Jefferson
  • Dime -- Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Quarter -- George Washington

~For older children, tell them a number and have them make that amount using the change ( for example, $0.32- would be 3 dimes & 3 nickles OR 1 quarter, 1 nickle, and 2 pennies). 

~For more of a challenge, have them make change using word problems (for example, you bought a piece of gum for 15 cents.  You give the cashier 2 quarters.  How much change do you get back?)

Just a few minutes, a fun converstation, and a mini-math lesson helps to create a solid foundation for mathematics!!

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  1. What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. We might try some of your ideas on Monday.