Friday, February 4, 2011

Family Fun Night

 Craft Night

Every Saturday is our Family Fun Night. 
This week we will craft!

This week the Kiddie Trio, Daddy and I will make decorations for Super Bowl!

Go Steelers Go!
Steelers will play to win their 7th Super Bowl this Sunday!  Western PA is crazy right now!!

Here's Some ideas for your Steelers craft night! 

We will make homemade terrible towels
       - use yellow construction paper, fray the edges, decorate with the Steelers logo

We will make a black and yellow bunting
     - cut black and yellow construction paper into triangles, decorate,  tape to ribbon

We will color pictures of the Steelers  (if you right click on the photo, you can save it or print it)

More IDEAS here:

Here We Go Steelers! 

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  1. Love the Steeler craft ideas! My girls will have a blast crafting tomorrow and watching the game Sunday!